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Hi, we’re ForTheBees.Org

For all your greeting cards, artwork and pollinator-promoting merchandise.

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With its 3-pronged approach of education, promotion and investment, ForTheBees.Org encourages general appreciation of the beauty and value of bees and other pollinators through its initiatives. From sponsoring urban beehives and the training of future apiarists, to investing in research into non-toxic insecticides, ForTheBees.Org aims to make a tangible difference. And you can help...

We all know that pollinators are vital to the well-being of our planet and through this site, you can show your appreciation of them and help promote efforts to improve their environment.

ForTheBees.Org is proud to invest in technologies and projects which develop alternative, eco-sensitive solutions to issues which globally impact our pollinators. Every purchase you make helps to increase awareness of the issues which affect our pollinators, and spread the message to more people, ultimately improving research and understanding of our bees, other pollinators and our planet's eco-system.

We all need to do our bit, and whether you're a Head teacher driving education initiatives, you head-up your organisation's Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programmes, or simply wish to make a personal contribution to our efforts as an individual, you can start right here at ForTheBees.Org

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Bee stuff - the videos you need to watch.

"The Death of Bees"

Why should we be concerned?

Parasites, poisons and the human factor.

"How Do Bees Make Honey?"

(PBS - It's OK to be smart).

Producing the golden stuff.

Regurgitated watery nectar evaporated by rapid bee wing beats. Communication and production, Royal Jelly and sterility from bee bread. Insect farming on the grandest scale. 

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